Remember that time the queen, who is politically neutral,  casually muttered after church that she hoped Scottish voters would think very carefully before voting on the independence question?

And remember how it was shouted from every rooftop that this was NOT a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome, because that would be illegal?

Well surprise surprise it turns out the whole thing was carefully stage managed and scripted by the tory/lib dem Cabinet Office (click accompanying photo for the article on this subject).

Queen and Prime Minister

“And here’s our new secret weapon against those filthy Scots…”

I wonder how many other total lies the No voters still believe to be true, I wonder how long they can stick their heads in the sand and pretend the tory cuts won’t affect them. Read More →

Following Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014, there were a large group of people still determined to campaign for Scottish independence, and rightly so. A smaller group of people were determined that in the aftermath of the strong, but not majority, Yes vote, that Scotland should itself declare its own independence unilaterally, as many countries had done before it.

I understand this, and i join them in wishing Scotland could and would declare itself independent. A central tenet of the UDI advocates is the following six minute speech, made in the Scottish parliament by SNP MSP Christine Grahame. She is a very precise and thorough person, and an upstanding representative, and this speech is fascinating and very informative, and it includes reference to the legal document by which Scotland could apparently declare itself independent without showing majority support through a democratic referendum:

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Out Of The Blue

I recently attended an excellent panel discussion entitled “Changing Scotland’s Media” hosted by Word Power Books at the Out Of The Blue Drill Hall in Leith. The panelists were Sarah Beattie-Smith, Robin McAlpine and Dominic Hinde, and the discussion was chaired by Christopher Silver.

It was very interesting, and the main focus of the discussion was how Scotland’s media can and/or will change in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, and why.

You can listen to the whole thing here:


The sound quality of the recording is a bit ropey because the place was packed to the gunwales, and the air conditioning was blasting away throughout. You should be able to hear what everybody says though, i hope. In the wake of the recent Scottish Independence Referendum that tested the media like never before, join a selection of journalist and thinkers for a panel discussion on how to build  a modern and dynamic media fit for the twenty-first century.   ROBIN MCALPINE is Director of Common Weal, Editor of the Scottish Left Review and author of No Idea: Control, Liberation and the Social Imagination. He is also the editor of Common Weal: All of Us First.   DOMINIC HINDE is one of the founders of the Post Collective, a translator, freelance journalist and doctoral student specialising in Scandinavia an Northern Europe. He is a contributor to Scotland 44: Ideas for a New Nation.  SARAH BEATTIE-SMITH is the co convener of the Edinburgh branch of the Scottish Green Party and co-editor of Bright Green. She is a former producer and presenter on Referendum TV and has written for National Collective.  CHRISTOPHER SILVER is a journalist and a film maker. With Jack Foster he has written an independent film about Scottish politics, The Fear Factor, and has produced a feature length documentary on the referendum campaign, Scotland Yet. He will chair this forum. Read More →

It’s three weeks now since Scotland had its independence referendum. 45% of those who did vote (1.6 million voters) voted Yes to independence, and 55% (just over 2 million) voted No, although polls suggest that one in four of those voted No on the understanding that substantial additional powers would be devolved to Scotland (the leaders of all three UK unionist parties, in Scotland and at Westminster, as well as backbench MP Gordon Brown “guaranteed” this).

The Smith Commission has been set up to consult on what additional devolution for Scotland should look like, and if you are reading this prior to 31 October 2014, i strongly suggest you put your views forth now on what that devolution should consist of.

Hope Over Fear, Glasgow George Square, 12 October 2014

Hope Over Fear, Glasgow George Square, 12 October 2014

Massive demonstrations have taken place since the vote, in Edinburgh and in Glasgow, and it is clear that the Scottish independence movement has gone from being a minority cause, to a mainstream movement over the last year or so. For the pro-independence supporters, the result of the referendum may have been disappointing, but the result of the campaign has been a resounding success. Read More →