Trump tweets about the NHS 2018-02-05

And this is how it’s done. First you cripple the service by underfunding, then you and your pals start frequently using language that suggests the service is not just bad, but unsalvageable, and the next step is to carve it up and sell off the profitable parts of the service, laughing all the way from the stock exchange to the bank.

We’ve seen it before and no doubt we’ll see it again.

Meanwhile it acts as the perfect smokescreen for those pesky lefties because if the marches and the petitions and the campaigns end up winning any concessions at all (probably from the unelected House of Lords, ironically), that will be trumpeted as a victory by the ringleaders of those campaigns, while in reality the service will still have been carved up to profit those who already have too much, at the expense of all of us. Because who among us feels comforted by the thought that the NHS (or any other crucial service) will no longer be there when we need it.

According to the Beveridge Report, the welfare state and the NHS are essential for not only the physical health of the population, but for the economic health of the population as well, and that has been proven beyond a doubt by seventy years of practical application. Surely even the most heartless tory voter would recognise the economic harm that privatising the NHS will cause, and also how long it will take for the economy to recover, even if Health were restored to its former glory.

Cutting the NHS is a false economy, the NHS was actually created to help lift the UK out of a period of austerity, and it worked. What effect do we suppose dismantling it will have?

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