Remember that time the queen, who is politically neutral,  casually muttered after church that she hoped Scottish voters would think very carefully before voting on the independence question?

And remember how it was shouted from every rooftop that this was NOT a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome, because that would be illegal?

Well surprise surprise it turns out the whole thing was carefully stage managed and scripted by the tory/lib dem Cabinet Office (click accompanying photo for the article on this subject).

Queen and Prime Minister

“And here’s our new secret weapon against those filthy Scots…”

I wonder how many other total lies the No voters still believe to be true, I wonder how long they can stick their heads in the sand and pretend the tory cuts won’t affect them.

You know I don’t begrudge the pensioners for being scared into voting No. I understand that. The ones I really blame are those of working age, with access to the Internet, who SHOULD have known better than to trust a pack of liars and just hope their own little picket fence existence wouldn’t be affected and damn everybody else.  It’s those smug bastards I blame, and when it’s their turn to be pensioners  I hope, if we’re still in the UK by then, that they themselves have to decide daily whether to heat or eat, and I hope they realise it was their own fault for voting No too.

But that won’t happen. No matter how impoverished Scotland gets or how unequal its inhabitants* are, those smug gits will be the ones with well stocked larders, wealthy kids and fat nest eggs. They won’t care that by then Scotland will have been mismanaged into a poverty graveyard. They’ll probably have moved to their cheap second homes on the continent by then.

Make no mistake these people would vote No again in a heartbeat, in the full knowledge that they live in comfort on the backs of other peoples’ poverty.

And that’s the real problem with Scotland today. Too many selfish wilfully ignorant arseholes with no social conscience.
* Scotland’s inhabitants are subjects of the queen, not citizens, no matter what your passport may say. Still, i prefer to call us inhabitants. I don’t accept subjugation to a foreign unelected head of state, no matter whether they are monstrous or benign.

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