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It’s Not Healthy - And this is how it’s done. First you cripple the service by underfunding, then you and your pals start frequently using language that suggests the service is not just bad, but unsalvageable, and the next step is to carve it up and sell off the profitable parts of the service, laughing all the way from Read More →
Whats Next EFTA Independence? - I must admit that until this week I was staunchly in favour of the “Scotland in the EU” option, as a way of getting Scotland out of the EU. I am aware of and sympathetic to those who have criticisms of the EU but I believe it is far more important to Scotland’s future to Read More →
“When is Independence Not Independence?” or “You Brexit, We’ll Have To fix It” - Okay, over the past few days i’ve been the recipient of a lot of comments from UK unionists, or if you like call them British Nationalists, on the subject of why Scotland can’t stay in the EU despite recently voting 62% to remain in the European Union. The main talking points have circulated around: 1) Read More →
Turn Up, Dont Turn Off - You’ve heard me moaning about the electoral turnout before. One thing I find particularly telling is the way news reports often ignore this hugely important factor when reporting election results, just like they usually ignore the percentage of “don’t knows” when reporting opinion polls.   Please do read and share the following article by James Read More →
A Ballot To The Brain - The Green Tardis at Shrubhill really seems to be a hotspot for politicians to pose for photos. I suppose a good photo is better than nothing when you haven’t got any innovative policy ideas. It also helps to have a good photographer who can make ten people look like an enormous crowd. You know the Read More →
Queen, Tories & Lib Dems Deliberately Influenced Outcome of 2014 Indyref - Remember that time the queen, who is politically neutral,  casually muttered after church that she hoped Scottish voters would think very carefully before voting on the independence question? And remember how it was shouted from every rooftop that this was NOT a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome, because that would be illegal? Well surprise Read More →
Turning A Blind Eye To The Country’s Welfare - Last night the Tories got their Welfare Bill passed in the UK parliament. Here are a few interesting facts about it: 1) This bill will undoubtedly cause many people, including children and the disabled, to be worse off, putting them at higher risk of starvation, ill health and even death. This isn’t about workshy jobless, Read More →
Stay tuned! - So much has happened. I often think I should be posting here more frequently but so much happens so fast it’s difficult to stay current! Also here are a couple of other blogs you might like, so check them out too: I’ll be back soon no doubt talking about the job Read More →
Tribalism - Well i started this blog after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, but i haven’t been posting much recently. I’m quite busy in real life, and so many other more well known bloggers, and genuine journalists, have been very active, it’s difficult to think of something unique to say. Also, so much appears to be happening Read More →
UDI… - Following Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014, there were a large group of people still determined to campaign for Scottish independence, and rightly so. A smaller group of people were determined that in the aftermath of the strong, but not majority, Yes vote, that Scotland should itself declare its own independence unilaterally, as many countries had Read More →

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