On Sunday 23 November, Lesley Riddoch, famed broadcaster and journalist, came to South Leith Parish Church and addressed us on the subject of “Another Media”, discussing Scotland’s changing media in the aftermath of the recent independence referendum. I recorded the audio, with the permission of the organisers, Leith Walk SNP Branch.

You can listen to the talk here:

As you will hear, at the beginning, Lesley led the congregation in a rousing rendition of Hamish Henderson’s “Freedom Come All Ye” and that’s why you can see everyone standing up in the photos.

I didn’t upload any of the Q&A that followed, yet, however Independence Live were doing a live video netcast of it, and here are some of the highlights (click).

The National - Scotland's Newest Daily Newspaper... For Five Days Only?

The National – Scotland’s Newest Daily Newspaper… For Five Days Only?

Lesley Riddoch 1Lesley Riddoch 2Lesley Riddoch 3Lesley Riddoch 4Lesley Riddoch 5

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