Mr Salmond is stepping down as First Minister this weekend, so yesterday was his last First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood.

if you have half an hour, it’s a very entertaining watch. I have to say though, it’s very interesting that Mr Salmond comes under a barrage of criticism, particularly from Labour and the Tories. I say this because for example Tony Blair’s final Prime Minister’s Question Time was characterised by back slapping from both sides of the house and general conviviality.

Misssy M #ThanksAlex

Misssy M #ThanksAlex

Nevertheless it’s interesting that the Twitter hashtag #ThanksAlex is in so much evidence this morning. Can you imagine any other political leader attracting this amount of popular support? No wonder the leaders of the other parties are so negative towards him, their electoral support is in freefall because of the SNP’s popularity in government!

Even more than Mr Salmond, I think it’s clear that Ms Sturgeon will govern for all of the people, not just SNP supporters. It looks like things could be looking up for Scotland’s future, regardless of the referendum result and continued Westminster mismanagement.

Interesting times, for sure. Now I’m away to watch the SNP conference…


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