I must admit that until this week I was staunchly in favour of the “Scotland in the EU” option, as a way of getting Scotland out of the EU. I am aware of and sympathetic to those who have criticisms of the EU but I believe it is far more important to Scotland’s future to take the opportunity to leave the UK and discuss EU/EEA/EFTA/UN/NATO membership once that is accomplished.

As such,  I’ve been quite disappointed in those who would split the Yes movement over the issue of EU membership. After all, the proposed indyref2, which may well hinge on EU membership, is probably going to be Scotland’s last chance to get out of the UK. If the EU sceptics are responsible for that vote failing, it would be a disaster for Scotland,  in my view.

However, I’ve just read this analysis from Robin McAlpine. For the record, I am a supporter of EU membership but I suspect that post-independence I’d be more likely to support membership of EFTA than of the EU, and that’s why this recent post caught my eye.

I was considering reposting the article, but I really think you should just read the original post. There are several links off site in the article and it’s a good idea to patronise the Commonspace website as well, I’d say.

Anyway, please do consider these issues, and whether it is worth throwing away independence from the UK over the European question in the short term. And please do share Robin McAlpine’s article round elsewhere if to feel moved to do so.