On 18th of December 2014 at Area C Coffeehouse (occasionally known as “The Common”, Lesley Riddoch and Eberhard “Paddy” Bort talked about the way things are done in the rest of Northern Europe, and how we’re not doing them that way in Scotland.

It was a very engaging and fascinating evening. The evening was hosted by Jamie Szymkowiak and Sarah Beattie-Smith on behalf of The Common Weal.

Here you can hear each of the speakers, as well as the Q&A session that followed:

Lesley Riddoch talks about how the potential of Scotland compared with Nordic countries such as Norway.

Eberhard “Paddy” Bort talks about Local Government Structures and how they affect people’s real lives in countries such as Scotland and Germany.

A very interesting Q&A discussion about local democracy, and what the heck can be done about it in Scotland.


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